Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Going JUST beyond yourself.

Cat asked me to help her prepare herself for some huge goals this season (I was pretty honored and flattered but this post isn’t about that). This post is about the most magical quarter mile anyone has ever run.

As you read this, Cat is preparing herself for her main focus of the year; to toe the line at her very first ironman in a few weeks (spoiler alert: she will be so ready).

Along the way, she also had a goal to PR and break 2:00 at the half-marathon distance. She had tried a few times but didn’t quite get there. We worked this last attempt into the plan delicately and I showed up to pace her.

She trusted me in the planning and the pacing and throughout the whole race and I thought we were on track to go well under the 2:00 mark. What neither of knew was that the course actually measured a quarter of a mile long; it ended up being 13.3miles not 13.1.

With a half a mile to go, Cat asked me between breaths “Do I need to run faster?”

“Could you?” I responded.

“No,” she said tritely.

I left it at that. Another quarter of a mile went by and I started to get nervous... where the hell was the finish line? I looked at my watch. It might-as-well have given me the finger as it displayed:
{DISTANCE 13.1 - TIME 1:57:53}
I started biting my hypothetical nails.

“Could you if I told you that you HAD to?” I prodded for more.

She responded with a glance I’d never seen from her before. She snapped into a dead sprint. Perfect form. I watched as a tranquil Drishti washed over her face. She was in the fucking zone.

Instead of making (very worthy) excuses, she drew her sword and decided that if she was going to go down, it was going to be in a ball-of-flames, swinging punches, in an all-out firefight. A warrior doing battle with the unexpected shit that comes up in racing and in life.

This is the stuff that PRs are made of. Training for the mental battles are just as worthy of your time as actually training physically.

The red numbers emotionlessly ticked off 1:59:54 as she collapsed at the finish line.

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